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Sell Your Crypto Currencies

Sell your BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, BCH, TRX with zero worries using eTradeXchange. We buy at very good, standard yummy rate second to none.

We buy bitcoins and pay you within a very short period of time.

Sell BTC / ETH / LTC / BNB / BCH
Get Paid In Nigeria Via PayPal / CashApp

Sell PayPal & CashApp Funds

Receive money directly into Nigeria or sell your funds using our PayPal / CashApp service. As you already know it is very difficult to receive money via PayPal / CashApp to Nigeria from international countries.

How can I receive my PayPal / CashApp payment succesfully right here in Nigeria? OR How do i get to sell my already accumulated PayPal / CashApp Funds?

With eTradeXchange PayPal / CashApp service you can receive any amount of money into Nigeria from international countries or sell your already received funds with few clicks in a short period of time:

Sell PayPal Fund Sell CashApp

About Our Services

eTradeXchange is an online market place to sell your digital & crypto currencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, BCH,TRX) & we provide paypal service easily online with zero worries and stress free.
Your payment will be process to your bank account for any of which transaction made with us within a very short period of time.

No more worries or stressing exchanging your digital funds, cryptos for money or receiving money into Nigeria from international countries via paypal.

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eTradeXchange Key Features

Being a platform with interest of customers at heart, we pride not with irrelevant details but conspicuous justifications of some features that make us stand taller than other crypto or digital funds buyer in Nigeria.

Safe & Secure
Fast Payment
Limitless Cash Out
No Delay
24/7 Availability
Friendly Customer Rep

Sell Digital Funds For Cash Online

We buy various types of digital funds, we buy any denomination, we buy units and bulky funds. All you have to do is contact us to initiate a trade and watch us impress you.

Contact Us: 08089932819, 09090001500

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Sell Apple Pay Cash

We exchange Apple Pay Cash in bits, units and bulky, USD, CAD, AUD, EUR, GBP e.t.c.

Sell CashApp Funds

We exchange CashApp fund from balance only. We also buy direct deposit to CashApp.

Sell Greendot Funds

You exchange greendot of any denomination US. No Card transfer required.

Sell Paypal fund

Exchange PayPal fnf funds for naira in Nigeria at unbeatable rates.

Sell Chime funds

We exchange Chime funds of any denomination. Mail to mail required. Rate is at best.

Sell Zelle funds

We exchange Zelle funds of any denomination. Mail to mail required. Rate is second to none.

Sell Bitcoins

We also buy bitcoins of any volume, from any wallet. Rate is also at its best.

Receive Payments

We help you receive payment from any country to Nigeria with our PayPal account. Rate is also at its best.


How To Use Our Services

It's pretty much easy to use, even a kid can operate with our system. We've made it so easy for the sake of quick & instant responses to your exchanges, transactions and payments by linking up our services with whatsapp mobile app all for the benefits of our clients for easier & convenient usage and for our clients to be rest assure this is no fraud zone.

First Step
To Begin With

You select the kind of service or exchange you'd like eTradeXchange to render for you which can either be to Selling crypto currencies or Selling your digital currencies in exchange for money or receiving money into Nigeria from international countries via our paypal service.

Second Step
Fill Form Carefully

You'll fill in the form provided at whichever service or exchange selected carefully as it is important not to make any form of mistake while filling the form. So it is very much important you take your time carefully to fill the each field of form provided before you hit the continue to button.

Third Step
Processing Page

Just after you hit the continue button, a processing page will come up displaying LOADING... for about 5-10 seconds in which you are advice not to press any button on your device after which you'd be redirected to a link requesting to send the information filled by you to whatsapp and you're required to click Yes to proceed with the transaction or No to cancel.

Fourth Step
Connnect With Whatsapp

Having install whatapp application already to your device, the application will be automatically launch & open a chat for you with one of our business line staffs providing the information filled by you in the whatsapp chatbox. Look carefully at the information provided and correct any mistake if noticed.

Fifth Step
Send With Whatsapp

After being assure of correct information, you can then hit the send button.

Sixth Step
Wait For Our Reply

You've actually done your own part of the transaction provided that the informations you sent were correct. Our Staffs would take it from there and process your transaction and fund your account within a very short period of time usually less than 15minutes.