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Trade crypto in Nigeria at best rate.

Sell your Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins, Tether, Altcoins or PayPal and Gift Cards at amazingly yummy rates second to none.

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What is InstaFund?

InstaFund is an online market place to trade your Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT and other Altcoins) or sell PayPal funds and exchange gift cards for cash instantly in Nigeria. InstaFund gives the best rate to exchange your crypto and digital assets for Naira in Nigeria.

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What do we offer

  • We buy cryptos like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins, Tether, and some other Altcoins at best rates.

  • We buy clean and legit source PayPal funds directly available on PayPal balance and chargeback free funds.

  • We buy Gift cards of different denomination and types at yummy rates.


Being a platform with interest of customers at heart, we pride not with irrelevant details but conspicuous justification of some features that make us stand taller than other crypto or PayPal exchanger platforms in Nigeria.

Safe &

Securely exchange your coins, paypal or gift cards for cash safely and scam free.

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We are fast & reliable and we make payment instantly after transaction confirmation.

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Cash out

There is no limit in the amount of transactions you can make with us daily.

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We are always at your service at all time to respond and process your trades.

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Our buying rates remains the best and second to none among exchanger platforms in Nigeria.

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Our helpdesk is always available and open to solve your trade issues and complaints.

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Smartest and secure way to trade crypto, sell paypal funds and exchange gift cards in Nigeria

The process of trading crypto, selling paypal and exchanging gift cards for cash on InstaFund NG is very easy and simple to use.

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Frequently asked questions from our customers and their solutions.

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How do I exchange PayPal for quick cash?2021-08-04T20:43:44+01:00

Exchanging PayPal funds for quick cash in Nigeria is pretty much easy with, on the home page or menu navigate to Trade now and select sell PayPal fund, then choose your payment method, insert amount you would like to sell, and proceed to make payment after which you will provide your bank details and payment proof and finally submit.

How do I sell bitcoin on InstaFund?2021-08-04T20:44:37+01:00

To sell bitcoin on no registration will be required and it will be fast and easy. Start by clicking sell coins on home page or menu, on the next page you’ll select bitcoin from the crypto list and input amount available for sale and proceed to review transaction, submit bank details and payment proof.

How can I trade Altcoins for naira?2021-08-04T20:45:49+01:00

Trading altcoin is almost the same process as selling bitcoins on Click sell coins on the home page or menu and select the altcoins you willing to sell and also you’ll input you are about to sell and proceed to review page where you’ll provide your bank details and payment proof.

How will I receive payment for my trades?2021-08-04T20:52:02+01:00

At the end of every trades on, your bank account details and transactions payment proof are always required to complete trades. After review and approval of your trade usually takes minutes by InstaFund team of Admins, your payment will be process to your bank details submitted.

Can I trade with InstaFund off their website?2021-08-04T21:06:19+01:00

Yeah some trades are linked to be traded with whatsApp but other than that has no other sub or branch website and all it’s trades are always carried out out and completed within the website.

How many countries are your services available for?2021-08-04T21:10:36+01:00

InstaFund buying of cryptocurrencies and PayPal cash services are majorly available for Nigeria though can be done by whomsoever that possess Nigeria bank account regardless of his/her location in the world

How it works?

Below is a summary of how to have an easy and interesting trade section with InstaFund.

Solving the country biggest problem on receiving money easily from international countries into Nigeria

InstaFund provides fast and secure ways to trade crypto, sell paypal funds and exchange gift cards in Nigeria.

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