About us

Being a platform with interest of customers at heart, we pride not with irrelevant details but conspicuous justification of some features that make us stand taller than other cryptos or digital funds trading platforms in Nigeria.

Safe &

Exchanging your coins or funds for naira is totally safe, free from scam and secure with InstaFund.

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We are fast & reliable and we make payment instantly after transaction confirmation.

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Cash out

There is no limit in the amount of transactions you can make with us daily.


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We are always at your service at all time to respond and process your trades.

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Our buying rates are the best in the whole cryptos and digital funds market  of Nigeria.

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Our helpdesk is always available and open to solve your trade issues and complaints.

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Major Altcoins Trading

We buy some known altcoins at really cool rates of as much as our bitcoin rate. The following are altcoins on our sell coins list

  • Altcoins list available on our sell coins page includes: ETH, LTC, BCH, USDT, BNB, DOGE and TRX

  • Though we trade lot more of altcoins off the list but can be traded as others, and whatsApp linked as means of getting wallet address

Buying at best rates

Our rates for buying cryptos and PayPal are always unstable and has no fixed rate but i can assure you of two things

  • That we will always buys both cryptos and PayPal funds at really high rates.

  • That we will always bring you the best rate to buy your crytos or PayPal funds.

Trading with everyone

Being a platform with interest of customers at heart,  we have no restrictions or selection on people that can trade with us.

  • Our services are always open to anybody for use 24/7 .

  • Anyone can make a trade with us at anytime, anywhere and anyway with ease.

Buying bitcoins

We buy any unit of BTC either bulky or bit of at least minimum of 30$

  • Our bitcoin buying rates solely depends on Dollar to Naira black market rate.

  • Over the years of existences InstaFund recorded having trade over 100k$ worth of BTC

PayPal to naira exchanger

We buy any unit of PayPal funds either bulky or bit but of at least minimum of 50$

  • FNF is our most accepted method of payment of PayPal funds. offer the best buying rate of 330/$

  • GNS is our least accepted method of payment of PayPal funds. regardless we offer the best buying rate of 320/$

A smart and secure way to sell cryptos and digital funds in Nigeria

Feel secure knowing that your cryptos or digital funds exchange to Naira are in safe hands.

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